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Olivia & Olives is a homemade hair and skincare range. Our products are created with our blend of high-grade, cold-pressed plant oils, butters, herbs, flowers blended to deliver the ultimate moisture, shine and nourishment for balanced scalp and healthy-looking hair, as well as proving results that focus on the natural benefits of healing for healthy skin that glorious glow 

The body butter- A refreshing aroma with hints of flora. The rejuvenating body butter is calming with a luxurious texture. Rich butters and oils such as mango, shea butter and baobab provide nourishment to the skin, leaving it with a glorious glow.


The hair butter- Never worry about dry hair again discover natures treat to restore bounce and radiance to your everyday styles. Treat your hair to a base of shea butter, olive oil for strength and shine and passion fruit to sooth dry scalp.