Selling on iZULU is a simple 3 step process.
All you have to do is:


List Your Offers:

Submit the products you want to sell with all the necessary product details -

set product prices, descriptions, the quantity you want to sell etc.


Stock Your Inventory:

Print and apply iZULU's shipping labels to your products.

Make sure you have all the products stocked in your warehouse ready to send when a sale is made.


Get Paid:

Provide iZULU with your bank account details, so we can disburse your available funds to you on a weekly or monthly basis.

Provide iZULU customers with a valid tax invoice.

Let iZULU take care of the rest. We'll:


Display Your Products:

iZULU displays your offers on product pages, search and browse, as well as on our social media channels and ads.

iZULU provides you with an online storefront.


Process Your Orders:

Customers can add your products to the shopping cart.

iZULU makes all of its payment options available for your products.


Pick Up & Ship your Orders:

iZULU picks up, packs and ships your sold products to customers.

All outbound shipping costs are included in your fees.


Handle Customer Service:

iZULU handles all order related customer contacts.

iZULU handles returns on your behalf at a small fee.